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One more day to go before Paris Fashion Week begins.

My choices from yesterday (25th September – Day 5 -in case you have already lost the plot as to what day it is or what country you are in):   Missoni and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Missoni-After the recent and very successful collaboration with Target – a huge sell out during New York Fashion Week. We all waited with anticipation for the Spring & Summer collection. Famous for knitwear and  distinctive patterns and designs. What would the latest collection bring?

Bold, bright, eclectic and electric. Vibrant, stimulating patterns and textures.

Sheers, ruffles and animal prints.

Teamed with bolero style jackets and slimline leg trousers.

Missoni with a flamenco theme. A unique collection.

Salvatore Ferragamo – Satin and Silks, Fuschias, coral, reds, magenta, electric blue and azure blues. Tribal meets the Hawaiian Islands. Red pinstriped pantsuit meets Al Capone. An eclectic mix of fabrics and styles.

Satin and Silk with Hawaiian memories.

Beautiful prints and hankerchief hems.

A modern twist on the ‘Roaring Twenties

Bold Pinstripes

Elegant, sophisticated, beautifully tailored. Neon blue fitted dress.

Flowing golden animal print evening wear.

September 26th Day 6

Giorgio Armani – Italian fashion king Giorgio Armani stated that his dresses exuded “an utterly modern elegance that rejoices in gleaming silks and satins in aqueous and mineral colours nuanced between green and azure.”

Skirt lengths were demure – going down to knee or calf-length, and the trousers had slits down the front. This collection had a Far Eastern theme especially when the trousers were under a skirt and jacket. The jackets were minus their lapels and buttons, choosing instead hidden hooks and eyes or toggles.

Beautiful pastels teamed with pastel print below knee breeches.

Electric blue strapless and pleated gown.

She sells sea shells on the sea shore. Opaque strapless evening gowns.

Another first class collection from Armani.

Credits: Getty, Monica Feudi, style.com