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Do you wonder what a style icon is? A fashion freak, fashion victim or an actress? Style icons are much more then that. Style icons have the whole package: inspiration, personality, creativity and confidence. Style icons are true goddesses of fashion – style icons don’t follow the fashion trends, they create them.

I am adding to “stylebyladyg” blog a ‘Style Of The Day”. Each week I will be on the lookout for fashionistas or style icons. Whether, Vintage Holywood,  Catwalk Models, Celebrities, Streetstyle, or more importantly the people we see everyday that touch our fashion senses.

Today, I am writing about a dear friend of mine, DZA, (abbreviated) who I met in the ‘Beauty Parlour‘ last year. We now meet regularly and have lunch, with a celebratory glass of vino to cement our friendship, talk and put the world to rights. She is a beautiful woman with an enquiring and energetic mind, a fascinating lady.
She exudes style and confidence. Oh and her skin is amazing.
I want to share with you a recent conversation I had with her and a few questions.

A little background info about yourself. As much or as little as you feel you want to share.

The lyrics of an Argentinian ballad describe my life better than I ever could: No soy de aquí, Ni soy de allá, No tengo edad, ni porvenir, Y ser feliz es mi color de identidad.”
“I’m not from here, I’m not from there, I’m ageless and have no future and being, happy is the color of my identity.”
A former high school English and history teacher, and a newsletter editor, I
was a longtime resident of Mexico City until recently. I now live in Atlanta,
Georgia. I wrote a book about a group of expatriates who resided in Mexico
during the ‘50s and continue to write articles, poetry and book reviews, which
have been published in both Mexico and the United States.

Your age group –  30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s or
prefer not to disclose?

 I am 69 years old.

Who inspires you and why? (doesn’t have to to be fashion related)    

I am inspired by anyone capable of creating beauty; be it in music, literature art, fashion, theater, food and by those who stick out their necks to contribute to the general good.
Where do you generally shop? 

 I am not much of a shopper, but when I could afford it I shopped at the boutiques. I loved Missoni, French Rags and DanaBuchman, (the latter doesn’t exist anymore), Escada, Max Mara, Armani… Nowadays, I still use what remains of my designer clothes.  That’s what’s so great about buying quality. It lasts.  For everyday, I fill in with Chico’s, Theory and, more recently, Vince.

How would you describe your style?             

Simple, tailored—clothes that skim the body, not form fitting, geometric prints, earth colors. I favor silk, lamb’s wool, gabardine and cotton. I used to wear lots of suits, but since I’ve moved to the States, I find life here is more casual and I wear loose fitting tops over jeans and pants—usually black ones—at home.

What couldn’t you live without?    

 The color black

What essential piece should every woman have in her wardrobe?        

 A black pants suit

Do you have a beauty regime? If so describe what this entails

Are you sure you want to know? O.K.  I run on the treadmill for a half hour every morning, except Saturdays, and do a series of exercises for my neck and waist twice a day.  I use a Clinique cleanser for my skin at night, just water in the morning and apply lotion to my body at night and during the day.
Under foundation I apply Neo Strata (vegetable acids) and a moisturizing cream to my skin; at night I use Retin-A and collagen. I always wear eye makeup, foundation, lipstick, cheek color during the day even when I have no intention of leaving the house.

What beauty product would you not leave the house without?      

Too many to mention here but probably moisturizer

In your wardrobe pick 3 items you adore and explain why     

A cheap-o black pullover sweater. A loose fitting knit—that looks finer than it is, is just the right weight, and goes with everything.
A black Ferragamo leather jacket because it makes me feel classy
A black N Peale cashmere cape purchased in London some 40 years ago! because it’s warm and it  still looks great and works with just about everything.

 What is the most expensive item you have purchased?                           

Probably the Ferragamo jacket or the GianFranco Ferre evening dress
(black of course), which I bought for a party we held for my husband’s 60th birthday.

Is there a fashion icon or era that you admire?                        

I love the ‘20s.  I think Worth was a brilliant designer as was Chanel.

Give a piece of advice to the women of today.               

 I believe people are far too concerned about being fashionable, which I define here as trendy, ie. what’s in. (Torn jeans? Hooded sweatshirts? Baggy jeans riding low below the naval?) I believe that fashion, real fashion, resides in elegance. Elegant attire, appropriate attire, attire that suits the wearer will always be ‘fashionable,’ will always be timeless.

Note: As I was answering your questions
Geraldine I couldn’t help remembering a quotation by Rousseau:  “Provided man is not mad, he can be cured of every folly but vanity.” (He was right.)

I dont have a photograph of her. But I am sure you can use your imagination.

I would recommend however a site that I was introduced to a few weeks ago. www.advancedstyle.blogspot.com This is an amazing site full of sartorial elegance and chic style, and not a single androgynous teenager in site.

“There is no fashion for the old”  Coco Chanel

So true, age should bring style and elegance.