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As the saying goes “She gets where water can’t.”

Kate Moss, closed the Vuitton collection and carousel of models, in support of her designer friend Marc Jacobs. Obviously the rumours are still rife about whether he will join Dior to replace the infamous Galliano, but either way this Vuitton collection was pure craftmanship, feminine and exquisite.


Drop yoked skirts and princess-line dresses in yesterday’s show came with top layers of tulle or a meadow’s worth of sparkling appliquéd rosettes.

“The workmanship on our new basket weave bags is insane,” said Jacobs. “It took six hours just to line up the skins on one coat”.

Jacobs triumphed, but will he jump ship? We will have to wait and see.  Meanwhile, I wonder where Kate Moss will appear next?

Certainly a showstopper and crowd pleaser. Just make sure you have more than a platinum credit card if you intend to shop!

Acknowledgements:  Telegraph Fashion – Catwalk, Getty

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