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I am an angry woman this morning, but slightly calmer than yesterday. Why is that?…….

To recap on last week. I told you all that I had a new laptop purchased from BestBuy about 6 months ago. Researching some information for a new blog, I received a message from my firewall – Kapersky, that an upgrade was now available to download etc etc…… I had received this message a couple of weeks ago but ignored it. So being diligent and thinking safe, I proceeded to download the new version. I knew I was in trouble when I had a pop up message to say that it couldnt be downloaded …… and I needed to retry. As I didn’t have time I tried to close the message and I couldn’t, it would not close. I knew then what I had innocently done. I shut down my computer.

Hwever, when I tried to open it up the next day, the whole thing had frozen. I couldnt use the cursor or a mouse. My hubby (being in the software industry) tried to find the problem but……… so off to BEST BUY and the GEEK SQUAD.

Yesterday I learned as expected I had multiple viruses on the laptop and the hard drive was infected. I needed a new hard drive. The laptop would not be back in circulation for at least 2 weeks! plus $200 lighter in my pocket!!!

Those of you out there who take great pleasure in hacking into and spreading these vermin virus’s ought to be ashamed! There is a saying “What goes around, comes around.” I truly hope so……..

So lessons to be learned, even with a firewall, stay away from advertisements, pop ups (even though I thought this had come from my firewall), be very careful when you are searching the internet and what you are opening in your emails.

This has cost me dearly, not just the money but the inconvenience, not being able to post on my blog as I would have liked; plus, I will have to re-install everything on my laptop when I get it back. I have lost loads of work and photographs on the hard drive as I hadnt backed it up!

So, I share my rantings with you so you may learn from my costly mistake.

Normal service and regular posts will be resumed asap.

The good news is that my son and daughter in law are flying over to spend a week with us. So looking forward to catching up with them.

There, I feel better now.