As reiterated by the Guardian “street style is nothing new to the world of blogs”, but on this occasion Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style blog, brought something old, and yet something new, uber trendy and super decadent to the street style and fashion blogging arena. He brought “Advanced Style”.

Advanced Style is a fresh, quirky and timeless fashion blog dedicated to capturing older women and men who grab his attention with their “sartorial excellence”. Looking through the pictures, it is evident; you’re looking at the pioneers of style, the grandfathers of funk and the women who do not only have swagger, but who ARE swagger.

Contemporary fashion culture thrives on post-modernity, we thoroughly enjoy seeing traditional or classical elements of history reintroduced with modern contexts or practices, and although it does well in recycling and showcasing the iconic style of past generations. Unfortunately, the original faces of that era are replaced…

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