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Who else should be up there at the top but the late Princess
Diana, known affectionately as  “ The People’s Princess.”

She will never be forgotten as our “Queen of Hearts and
Minds,” her premature and untimely death shocked the nation.

Today I would like to honour Diana and her sense of fashion
and style.

How did the shy Lady Diana Spencer become an international style icon?

It may have all started with this photograph of Lady Diana and the see through skirt. Niave and unfamiliar with the ‘press’ at that time, the tabloids had a field day with the future Queen of England’s style. She was to be hunted and haunted by the paparazzi till her death. Ironically, she died as a result of severe injuries caused after a high speed car crash being persued by the paparazzi in Paris.

As part of the ‘Sloane Set’ her dress style tended to be more high neck frilly ruffled blouses, floral skirts, ballet pump shoes and twin set and pearls.

Diana was one of the most photographed women in the world. Everything she wore, whether it be her gym joggers, jeans or diamond tiara’s. Of course, who can forget the famous wedding dress designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. The dress was criticised world-wide due to the fabric construction and creases.

David Emmanuel claimed susequently that the carriage was far too small for both Diana and her father along with her full skirted dress.

Diana, Princess of Wales, at the Cannes film f...

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After being named one of the 10 Worst Dressed Women in 1982 to being named to the 1991/1992 International Best Dressed List‘s Hall of Fame.

She would develop her own style and be the envy of women around the world. Despite her personal life falling apart, she bounced back to become a confident, independant woman, who touched the hearts of everyone she met with her smile. A thoroughly modern woman.

A supporter of many British designers that included Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakeley and the late Catherine Walker. She also wore clothes by international designers such as Chanel, Versace, Christian Lacroix, Ungaro, Valentino, Ferraud and Moschino.

A young John Travolta with Princess Diana on the dance floor. A far cry from his role in Pulp Fiction

Her signature would be the pearl chokers and wonderful hat creations. She helped revive the millinery trade with her passion for hats. Her fashion sense and style would be copied all over the world.

Diana not just “The Queen of Hearts,” but “The Queen of Style” will always be in our hearts and minds.