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I thought I would get my Christmas wish list in early this year.

I am aware that we are still in a recession but……I am hoping there is a little more than fluff and a couple of dimes in the piggy bank!

Aim high Is my motto! If you don’t ask you won’t receive, so here goes.

1. 1st choice -A Chanel quilted purse/handbag, (Black). I look upon this as not just a purse but a lifetime investment piece.

Stand by with the smelling salts, once the price is known!.

Feel free to throw in a Chanel goody bag, if you are feeling extra generous.

2nd choice: Mulberry Fox Lock Bag.

Smelling salts not needed, but a large brandy may be required.

3rd choice: and much more reasonable is the Michael Kors Hamilton Bag.

Very versatile. Can be used for most events. Will not burn a hole in the pocket. Prefer the gold hardwear, but silver is acceptable.

2. Diamonds – White! Well, they are a girls best friend after all.  No preference on size, shape or carat. Designed to wear on the ears, neck, fingers or wrists. Goes well with Yellow Gold, White Gold or Platinum.

3. ghd Hair Straighterners. 

Everytime I plug my over 10year old straighteners, I pray that the red light will come on and the plates will heat up so I can iron out the frizz one more time. Appearance IS everything!

4. A Cashmere Wrap.The ultimate chique wrap. Oh just imagine wrapping cashmere around your shoulders! Colour choice either, Otter, Oatmeal, Dark/light Silver or Snowdrop preferred.

Available from www.thetravelwrapcompany.com

5. A Kindle, I thought I would never succumb.  Call me oldfashioned but I I like the feel of paper and books. However, we have to make sacrifices to move with the electronic times.

6. Pj’s. Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a new set of pyjamas. Wear while sipping your christmas egg nog/baileys/vino or cocoa. A traditional satin little number should do the trick.

7. Ugg slippers to replace my battered furry bootees.

The NO No List

Definitely not on the list this year: NO christmas sweaters, hats, scarves or gloves.

Not forgetting chocolate heaven; Just 1 box of Lindt assorted truffles should suffice.

Oh! before I forget; Carrots for the Reindeers will be outside on the patio. The bad news is there will be no mince pies Santa – don’t know why we can’t find any in the USA. Pumpkin pie doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow. The Good news is that I am substituting your glass of milk for a whisky!

A large stocking will be available and hanging on the fireplace with the initials GL, just so you know you have the right person!

I have been a very good LadyG this year Santa

SANTA BABY performed by Kylie (click link)


Happy Holidays