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This is the theme of Posh Frocks for the year ahead in 2012. As the New Year is approaching, we all want to have an excuse to dress up. Whether, we choose, sparkly, fun, cocktail, long or short, party or comfortably devine. There is definitely something out there (or even hidden in your closet) for all of us.

When I first saw this picture, I did think that SJP reminded me of…….

How could I?  – Sorry, it wasn’t meant to be an insult, but she looked so tiny and yet with her hair piled on top, just appeared top heavy – Am I digging myself a deeper hole?

The more I studied the dress, the more I fell head over heels. A back to front design, that works so beautifully. Every girls dream.

YES, I have to admit that Sarah Jessica Parker really pulled this one off!

This is gown is everything an evening gown should be, elegantly styled, unique, pure glamour and basically ‘drop dead gorgeous.’

Gown by Theyskens Theory

This is Carrie at her most demur? Maybe it should be Lady Carrie now?

What are your thoughts?

What is your gown nomination for 2011?