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It’s time to spring clean – or make a start at least. The issue with closet or wardrobe sorting is that I have the best intentions initially until I find something that I had forgotten about. Then I go on a nostalgia trip down memory lane. Therefore, I end up  putting things back in the closet. This time I have to be strong.

Absolutely got to go:-

  • Anything not worn for two years.
  • Anything I am saving  for that special occasion, just in case.
  • Anything  I have had for a while, but cant quite zip up. It will fit when I loose 7lbs!
  • Anything slouchy and shabby – not including pj’s! – they are off limits!
  • Well worn shoes/boots that have scuffed heels from driving.

Our joint closet is located in the master bedroom, but we overflow into the spare room closet. Oh, there are a few items in the attic too. I desperately need my own space!

I have converted a linen closet into a small shoe closet – for MY shoes only, but, that too needs sorting.

And then I got to dreaming……….. A Carrie Bradshaw closet – well to be more precise her shoe closet. Second thoughts lets go for it all. My space place where I can view handbags, jewelry……..

The closet Carrie and Mr Big share in Sex & The City. Below Carrie’s specially designed shoe closet.

I am going to hyperventilate!

I found this video clip on u tube. Not a teeny weeny bit jealous am I?


My Wish is, in our next home the closet has to be large, and have a proper place for my shoes.

These are a pair of shoes from my closet that I will be keeping.  They are by Guess.

 Ok I need a change of nail polish!

Think it’s time to address the closet clean-up.