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My hubby and I have just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. That prompted me to look at the dress I wore on that special day. I would love to share part of our day  with you.

Setting the Scene.

We were married in a log cabin at the Forrest Hills Resort, Dahlonega.


As the ceremony was a very personal for us. We chose to have what is called over here ‘An Elopement’. I wanted something very simple to wear.

Dress and pleated back jacket in crushed silk, with embellishments around the neck and bust. Dress and Jacket by Kaliko (UK)

Shoes and Matching chain clutch by Mode n Pelle (UK)

These are a couple of wedding photos.

On my list of things to do this week is to clean out the closet. I have clothes in there that I wore in the UK. As you know I emigrated to the USA in April 2010. I brought clothes across that I have not worn since my departure and before. I definitely need to have a bit of a clear out. Although, my husband would have a fit if he came home and my closet was bare, paricularly if I wasnt at home when he came in from the office! You can imagine!