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What’s the difference between “Obsession” and “Addiction?”

Obsession is defined as:  fascination, fixation, Passion, Preoccupation.

Addiction: is defined as: Habit, Compulsion, dependence, Need, Obsession!

So one thing leads to the other. Therefore, right now I am obsessed with…..olioboard.com.

I have just put together just one simple board right now. It seems a while since I put a physical ‘mood’  board together, I was thinking about getting out my ‘Drawing Board with Parallel Motion’ & retrieve all my interior design stuff out of the closet! As now we have a new project. We are ready to design layouts for the rooms in our new home. Part of this is putting together ‘Mood Boards’ with samples of fabric, carpet, tile etc  olioboard.com is is a site you can really use your imagination digitally. So consider using your own photos & upload them onto to the site. Seriously check this out. olioboard.com. Particularly if you are a Pinterest fan!

If the link does not work type the address in your browser.

This is my board. Entitled just simply, Living Room. Watch out for more…….As they say ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

Of course I have not forgotton Pinterest. These are a couple of Pinterest Pins on one of my boards.

A window seat treat

 Sophisicated Elegance

You are invited home

 Chaise lounge desire. www.Pinterest.com.

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Am I obsessed bordering on Addicted?