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And then I got to Thinking -Who am I?

No these are not menopausal rantings, before you swtich off, I still can recite my name, address and telephone numbers.

So what prompted this philosophical outburst?

I was clearing out my closets, including my shoes (once a linen closet). As a result, I have 1 huge bag for charity and 1 bag for the thrift store. Both of which need to go pretty quickly before I change my mind and start retrieving items that end up back in the closet. Does this sound familiar?

And so I got to thinking. What is my style? Is style synonymous with fashion?

My style has been dictated over the last forever years by my profession as a nurse and then a midwife in the UK. For years I wore a uniform or scrubs. Working shift patterns and on call dictated that if not in uniform or days off, I was probably in pyjamas.

The last few years of my career, I moved more into a management role, so NO uniform required. My wardrobe changed completely to accommodate classic suits, skirts, tops, cardigans, dresses, paired with heels, boots and ballerina flats. I had my own fashion show!

The move across the pond brought about another wardrobe or closet change. A’ hands on approach’ to house renovation projects requires suitable apparel. By that I mean, torn or paint spattered jeans, tee shirts that have been covered in dust, bleach, grime, loft/wall insulation,  and whatever else you may discover in the attic or crawl space!

I have still clothes in my closet from the UK – In my opinion European fashion is so much more chique and therefore, would be more my style. Although, I have made a few purchases over here, for example my  INC frnged jacket.

Adrianna Pappell and London Times dresses, but, the majority of my clothes were bought in the UK. The compliments I had received on my attire are generally attached to English/European clothes I wear. However, some of my favouite outfits are nearing the end. So I am now looking at my wardrobe/closet and thinking…..

Do I have a Definitive Style? or is it a case of ‘Different Styles for Different Occassions?’ Is there such a term as ‘Age Appropriate’ or ‘Mutton Dressed as Lamb?” (as my grandmother used to say).

Who do you think has ‘style?’

The Duchess of Cambridge

Supermoel Kate Moss

Is style a way of expressing yourself? Do you dress a certain way to make a statement?

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel

That takes me back to…Anyway I got to thinking….

What is your take on style? Do you have a specific style?

Acknowledgement: Telegraph – Fashion uk