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Having had my fabulous Michael Kors Hamilton Bag for just over 1 month, I thought that I ought to have a look inside and sort out what I have been carrying around.

It would appear that I could possibly be suffering from a touch of ‘Spring Fever’ here, first the closets, then the house, now the bag and next the make-up basket.

Anyway, no wonder I kept switcing my bag from arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder. Look how spacious it is inside and all those pockets to fill.

This is the ‘stash’ from my handbag!

Let me take you through the contents: – excluding the fruit bowl that is:

Left to right; Receipts, Black & White Camera in case with spare charged battery, Ted Baker Black Leather Gloves, packets of tissues, Lulu Guiness handbag mirror, DKNY sunglasses, disposable toothbrushes and toothpick brushes, prescription glasses, moist wipes, travel soap leaves, Kindle Fire, pens, JasM.B leather and gold leaf purse, advil, vaseline, notebook, eco notebook, herbal tea and finally an array of beauty paraphernalia. Apart from the kitchen sink, have I left anything out here? Oh, house & car keys, plus I took out my blackberry to charge it up when I arrived home too!

After years of carrying ‘Birthing Equipment,’ Baby scales, oxygen and entonox cylinders around, as well as delivering babies in all kinds of positions, plus lifting patients (now banned in the UK). as part of my job as a Midwife. You would think I would be more careful, having neck and shoulder problems. I don’t have any weighing scales to actually see how much weight I carry on a day to day basis. But, I can safely be assured that I am not the only woman carrying such loads.

Why is it, the bigger the bag, psychologically we have a need to fill it?

What do you carry in your day bag? Clutches and small purses are excluded from this survey!