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How on earth did I miss this unique opportunity? Forgive me if I am behind the times here, approximately 3 weeks! Where have I been?

However, just in case you all missed this too. This is a one time only offer, you can not refuse!

Click on the link below.


The commercial was, written and directed by Jesse Rosten . This faux commercial claims that “the next revolution in beauty”– is a product that promises to give you “full lips, sparkling eyes, and lashes that never end.” Plus more……

Because You’re Worth It!

This is spoof video is just hilarious, but on a serious note, this faux ad draws attention to a very real problem: The use of photoshop in cosmetic ads can be extremely misleading to consumers.

Whilst I did see the humerous side of this video, and thought that it was very clever, it does have a serious message.

Does this leave you feeling: Angry? Better or Worse about yourself?

Acknowledgement and all credit to Fashionista & Jesse Rosten