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You have to hand it to her at an age when most artists would be thinking of hanging up their Louboutins, this material girl has no such thought.

Like so many other viewers I was intrigued to see what the half time show would reveal, the music, the costumes, the glamour and the entourage.

I watched with trepidation, after all the Superbowl seems to have left a somewhat graveyard of performers, who fluffed their lyrics. Remember Christina Aguilera, who forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem and the Black Eyes Peas whose performance lacked lustre and had technical problems?

But not this time, although initially I was a little disappointed with her song choices, as I had expected something new. I also wondered  “Did she mime some of the time?” Am I being over judgemental?

The opening wowed!, an Egyptian theme; complete with Cleopatra style gold headdress, black thigh-high boots, a pleated miniskirt – Roman soldier style, a black sequined robe and gold cheerleader pom-poms and of course, dripping couture, curtesy of Givenchy and Bulgari.  Any intial disppointment soon ebbed away.

Opening with Vogue, the set was magnificent.

Madonna and The Superbowl

The stage was alight, vibrating with energy.  Try doing those cartwheels!.

Joined by Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee-Low Green for the ultimate finale. A truly spectacular performance

She certainly set the crowd on fire.

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