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Over the last  few months or more, I have explored shopping online. Possibly, moving from the UK to the USA has something to do with it! The problem about shopping online is the variation is sizes. I guess that is one of the downsides of trying on at home as opposed to in store, you run the risk of returning items, incurring further postage expenses, which can leave you out-of-pocket, unless return postage is refunded?

Therefore, I decided that today that I would pop over to one of the Malls – Cumberland Mall in Smyrna (Georgia), mainly to get my out of control eyebrows threaded. But, obviously while I was there I took the opportunity to undertake a little fashion browsing.

I thought I would look in H & M, for some youthful inspiration, this is what I found!

H & M sequin striped top in soft jersey. Also in Dark Blue, Pink & Grey/Beige $17.95

Marni Patent Leather and Knit top in Deep Orange $140

H & M stretch cotton floral pants $14.95

Metallic Pants also in Silver $29.95

Glitter Bug Blazer with 3/4 sleeve, $49.95

H & M Jersey Blazer also in Vibrant Pink and Deep Blue $49.95

I also had a leisurely stroll around out ALDO, Chico’s & DSW.

Ok! I confess that I had some time to kill between Mammogram and Dentist! The pleasures of being a woman!

I did come away with the sequin stripe top though! perfect with jeans, summer pants, denim skirt, and my lovely Reiss skirt …….. Pictures can be viewed of these closet items in a future post.

Items available online at the time of posting.

What are your thoughts about H & M?

Is there an age that you just don’t go in there?