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So ladies did you pluck up courage to pucker up to the man in your life and propose today?

Leap Year Proposals

4 years ago my now husband was living and working in Atlanta Georgia, while I was living and working in the UK. We spoke every day on the telephone as well as emailing and texting each other. When February 29th came around I took the initiative to ……Propose!! After a little silence on the other end of the phone (I was thinking Oh No!), my man said ” I will have to think about it.” What!…. then he laughed and said “Of course I will,” Phew! sigh of relief!

We were married nearly a year later on January 2nd in a log cabin at The Forest Hills Resort, Dahlonega in the North Georgia Hills!

Now we live as you know in Georgia. So, today I asked him, if we weren’t already married, would he marry me again. Of course Mr Funny Man replied exactly the same as before!!! and then laughed again! Tonight we will have a lovely romantic dinner at home with a glass or two of something sparkly to celebrate.

That’s of course when he gets home and cooks!!!

Click below to see the trailer of………

Leap Year-The Movie

Aw! who said romance is dead?

Did you leap into your man’s arms and propose today?