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Romantic Paris, where inspiration is all around you. No matter what your preference is, there is something about Paris. Could it be the magnificent historic buildings, the Parisian café culture, or just simply the ambiance? For sure, this is Paris Fashion Week, so there is certainly some anticipatory excitement in the air.

The Latin Quarter

Paris by Night

Whether, your preference is the catwalk, out and about style spotting, or sipping an espresso while sitting at one of the street-side cafés, simply, soaking up the atmosphere, as the world goes about their fashion business.

‘Streetstyle’ at Paris Fashion Week AW 12

I love the almost Neon Orange Jacket. One of the hot summer & fall colours. Is this Yasmin Sewell or her double? A blue combo for this stylista, love the pattern detail in this blouse.Susie Bubble never disappoints. Those multi coloured wedges are summer definite must haves.

So chic and the heels are amazing

Add a pop of colour to classic neutrals and hey presto!

Who or what would be your favourite?

Credit: Vogue.com, (Phil Oh), Elle, Marie Claire